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A Dribble of Ink 
A Fantastical Librarian
Big Dumb Object
Biology in Science Fiction
Book Cynic
Bookworm Blues
The Book Swede and His Blog 
Christopher the Scholiast
Dark Wolf's Fantasy Book Reviews 
Edi's Book Lighthouse
Fantasy and SciFi-Lovin' News and Reviews
Fantasy Book Critic
Fantasy Book News and Reviews
Fantasy Cafe
Gav Reads 
Graeme's Fantasy Book Reviews
Grasping for the Wind
Genre Files
The Hat Rack
Jumpdrives and Cantrips
King of the Nerds 
LEC Book Reviews
Mad Hatter's Bookshelf and Book Review
My Favorite Books
Neth Space
Only the Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist 
The Ranting Dragon
Realms of Speculative Fiction
Rob's Blog o' Stuff
SF Crowsnest
SF Signal
The Silver Key
Speculative Fiction Junkie
Walker of Worlds
The Wertzone
The World in the Satin Bag
Val's Random Comments
Weirdmage's Reviews
Worlds Without End
Writing Ex Libris


Neal Asher
Steven Barnes
Ben Bova
Tobias Buckell
David Drake
Peter F. Hamilton
George R.R. Martin
John Meaney
Victor Milan
Jerry Pournelle
Mike Resnick
Alistair Reynolds
Cordwainer Smith
L. Neil Smith
Sean Williams
Walter John Williams


Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Asimov's Science Fiction
Baen Books
Del Rey
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Solaris Books
Tor Books
When Gravity Fails: Solaris Editors' Blog

Video Games

Bio Break
The Common Sense Gamer
Creative Uncut
Catwo0d Reviews 
End of the Week 
Grinding to Valhalla 
Namco Bandai
Nippon Ichi
Paradox Interactive
Penny Arcade 
Robot Geek
RPG Dreamers
Sega of America
Square Enix
Sugar Gamers
Thumb Gods

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Delta Green
SCP Foundation
SF Debris
TV Tropes
The Unspeakable Oath 

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