Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Play FTL: Faster Than Light

Hey, all. Having realized a few months ago that I still wasn't quite as much of a dork as I might be, I've recently begun to dabble in Let's Play videos. Since it's science fiction-related, I thought I'd post a recent ongoing one here, a perilous interstellar journey through Subset Games' unforgiving space combat/strategy/roguelike-like game FTL: Faster Than Light! With the Federation torn by civil war, the fate of the galaxy lies in the hands of me, my loyal first mate/friend from college Dave, and the brave crew of the USS Alderaan. God help us all.

The original recording of this predates some valuable lessons learned about audio quality, and I have a voice that might charitably be described as "G-man from Half-Life after he'd eaten a bag of sugar and been punched in the lip," but if you enjoy this sort of thing I encourage you to check it out anyway. And if you like it, I hope you'll consider subscribing to keep up with future episodes.

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