Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Other stuff I'm up to

In addition to this blog, I'm also a regular contributor at several other sites, mostly video game-related. If that's also a topic you're interested in, or if for some reason you just want more of my unwieldy-mountain-of-clauses approach to writing, check out:

My other blog. Dedicated to the lowest form of geek humor: Jokes about video games. I do occasionally lower myself to attempting actual insight, though that seldom ends well. Plus, my seasonally festive review of The Star Wars Holiday Special!

Gaming site where I'm on the staff.   More constrained than the above in many ways, since I'm mostly expected to offer actual legitimate commentary or information, but I make do. Past articles include:

Why I (sort of) care about the absurdity of Homefront- Perhaps of the most relevance to the science fiction and fantasy field, on the nature of suspension of disbelief.

Moral choices in Infamous: The good, the bad, and the downright nonsensical- About what makes choices in games interesting. Or fail to be, in some cases.

Where's Your God Now, Mario?: Religious Censorship in Games- A look back at the strict yet bizarrely inconsistent golden age of Nintendo of America's Standards and Practices, when naming a spell “Holy” or showing a cross on a coffin was forbidden due to fears that any religious imagery or references could cause offense or controversy, and yet a Gameboy game that climaxes in deicide was approved for release.

Recently launched gaming/humor site I'm a writer for. More overtly ridiculous than Pointless Side Quest tends to be.

So, have a look if anything like that interests you. I strongly endorse Robot Geek and Kuribo's Shoes in general; they're both great sites. More stuff actually written for this blog coming soon.

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