Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Assorted SF links

David Weber finally has a proper website, and an extremely nice one at that.  I love an extensive author site, especially one like this that includes a lot of Weber’s own commentary on his books.  It’s unfortunate that more writers don’t have something like this, since books- and especially SF books- are precisely the kind of thing that can be greatly enriched by supplementary information for a look into the thoughts of the creator.

Tobias Buckell has a post about his experience as a lecturer at Shared Worlds camp, a creative writing program for teenagers with a focus on worldbuilding.  It sounds extremely cool, though reading about it brings back some unfortunate childhood memories about my disastrous week at Lutheran summer camp.  (Jason Voorhees is never around when you need him.)

This is a real shame: Jim Baen’s Universe magazine is shutting down next year.  Editor Eric Flint explains here.

Grasping for the Wind is having a second iteration of its popular Book Reviewers Linkup Meme.  If you have a blog about science fiction or fantasy and want to add it, or just want to see what is probably the most exhaustive list of SF blogs ever compiled, check it out.

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