Friday, January 26, 2007

Cordwainer Smith news

According to their updated schedule, Baen Books will be publishing a second Cordwainer Smith collection this September, entitled When the People Fell. Smith's total output was fairly small, so this second volume may well make all of his science fiction work available in stores again. Baen's collections have introduced me to some new authors, so hopefully this will bring Smith to a bigger audience.

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Fred Kiesche said...

I'm not sure how much will be put in the second collection. The NESFA volumes (The Rediscovery of Man and Norstrilla) are good buys; sturdier than the Baen trade paperbacks. They also have a couple of the non-series stories.

NESFA also has "The Concordance of Cordwainer Smith", a helpful guide for fans!

I recall reading somewhere that Cordwainer Smith wrote a couple of other SF-ish/spy novels (Atomsk?), it would be nice to see them as well.

The Baen "We the Underpeople" has a really stunning cover by Bob Eggleton, I hope the second collection is as nice.

I've heard rumours in the past of an impending Smith biography, that would be nice to have! the NESFA collection introduction is a tale of how he lost a fat notebook full of background, notes, story outlines and the like in a restaurant. What a pity! How much richer that universe (one of my favorites) would be!